Monday, June 05, 2006

day 18 monday 06 05 06

Cities are filled with plastic and pollutants. The city we went to is drunk with 'big box' stores. Aesthetically the buildings pander to someone's short term whims and fancies. The real pity is that the buildings aren't living up to their potential functionally. Roofs of that size NOT covered with solar panels or plants are on the cutting edge of ecological obnoxiousness. Every city needs more trees.

But that's another rant for another blog.

On the plus side, there's always plenty to buy in the city. Two key ingredients:

At the salvage yard ( indicated by Salvage the Friendly Ghost)

they had lumber

and a used dishwasher for very cheap. Buying things used takes the hurt out of the ugly.

Buying things that were made back in the olden days when everything was still beautiful makes used even more wonderful.

Our main business in the city was ordering 4 buckets of Xypex c-2000. We're not wild about paying $150 a pail for the privilege of putting synthetic tallow in the walls of our house, and we don't think it does such good a job of waterproofing rammed earth, but it contains the only retardant we know of that can be added to a very dry soil cement mixture and keep the mix going for 5 hours in the desert heat.
If anyone has a better suggestion, we'd love to hear it.
We also stocked up on tie wire and safety caps for the rebar.

(We can't have anyone impaling themselves on our job site.)

Now we put our minds to filling the inside of the foundation. 3" minus is the cheapest, but a real drag to shovel. How will the fill get delivered? How will the tamper get delivered? Then there's a trench that needs digging...
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