Wednesday, July 19, 2006

wednesday the 19th of July.

Wall M--fresh out of the form.

So that's why the tile saw was out. It's easy to salvage granite and use it as a baseboard/inset. You can cut it to fit in your chamfer too. (That one's free--no tuition necessary.) The plan is to do more of that sort of thing on the underfill to the immedate right. The color of the granite fits right in.

Our final grade on the inside of the building is in the neighborhood of 2" above the foundation. Some of the granite will be obscured--but it will be well secured!

Underfills are going to have to happen sooner or later. What better place to really let the freak flag fly? Mike and Grant whipped these up in a jiffy. Mike put in a solid 12 day week. He's going on a break for a while, and is sad he'll miss the coming heat wave that has everyone all a titter.

Lastly, the arial view. The aqua color and sharp geometry of the compressor fits right in with the color scheme and overall aesthetic of the walls.
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