Saturday, December 30, 2006

In the nick of time

It's a good thing we got the roof on when we did.
There has been only snow and freezing temperatures since.

Lucky for us only a small portion of the floor looks like this. The way the forecast is looking we will be enclosing this ice collage inside the house before the temperature warms up enough to melt it.

It would be rough going if it were all over both floors, but everywhere else is dry. Hurray for roofs!

We got restless over Christmas vacation so we installed two more windows upstairs. Yes, the one on the left is "obscure", it was free too. We spent less on the three windows you see here than we did on the smallest of the custom made models.

More windows to come once the rest of the western world gets back to work. If the weather is kind we should get the roof finished and the chimney for the wood stove in place next week.
There's no indication that the weather is going tobe kind. Pretty, sure, kind, no.
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