Friday, April 27, 2007

Everything Takes Longer Than They Say It Will

While it's only taken two weeks time to tape and mud the sheet rock walls, those two weeks unfortunately, were spread out over a month.

We've tried to peck away at things but nothing so spectacular that it needed blogging (plus the camera battery is barely holding a charge anymore.)

There's not much you can do when there's a 275 lb teddy bear on stilts making orbs in your house.

It's hard to get mad though, because for all the smack we've talked about sheet rockers over the years, and especially since the infatuation with Rammed Earth, it turns out our sheet rocker is a gold mine of advice, inspiration and equipment!

Check out his groovy technique on the bathroom ceiling! Click on the photo to see the detail!

Neighbour Jim has taken the posts we salvaged from the Viera's fruit stand in Osoyoos and is turning them into our banister and railing for the stairs.

I love the smell of fresh cut steel!

Finally mortared these in place. Jim was disapproving of the fact that we did not put our address there. I'm holding out for the day when our address is shortened from something slightly less ridiculous than 36428 103rd St. There's only room for three tiles after all.

We're going to prime some walls this weekend. Once we get the orbs under control.
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