Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Ides of June 28

The Ides of June.
Day 28?

Noted green architect Henry Yorke Mann came by the site today. He felt it wasn't useful to put tar between the top of the footing and the bottome of the rammed earth wall as damp-proofing, as it's simply concrete on top of more concrete.
Who knows how much moisture we'll be wicking up past our perimeter drain and elevated grade here in Canada's pocket desert. Our engineer is being so easy going about things, if he wants a little tar on top of the footing, who are we to deny him? Why just today he saved us $400 dollars on anchor bolts.

After we measured the end of our wall, we set a small 2x4 brace on the footing,

and set the end panels on the footing,

pinned them to the 2x4,

and ran braces from the top of the end panel to the ground.

It's funny how different our site looks from one side to the other.

Here's the long view. Two end panels up!
Tomorrow we get more form ply and pipe.
Here's hoping we accomplish so much tomorrow.
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