Thursday, June 22, 2006

thursday june 22 day 35

Tomorrow this... going into this.

A green wall--that's the plan for tomorrow. It won't be as green as what you see in the buckets, but it will be green.

Today we finished the south west corner and prepared the next wall and the site for ramming.

Hopefully everything will work in the tools department (one tamper is officially "tits up) One of the hoses coming from the compressor blew. The clamps attaching the hose to the nozzle unit thing just weren't burly enough. Jim was neither fazed nor flapped.

The gas gauge on the compressor *and* on the bobcat are also both broken.

In light of this, "what would they do on Gilligan's Island?" has become a common query. WWGD (what would Gilligan do?)
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