Thursday, July 20, 2006

thursday the 20th's set by step break down part 2

5. In order to affix pieces to wood to concrete (or puddled earth) you must use the 'hammer drill.' The hammer drill puts a hole through the wood and concrete. Into this hole, a length (a bit longer than the depth of the hole) is inserted. Into that hole, where there is now wire, a 'duplex nail' is driven.

6. Once the pieces of wood are affixed to the concrete, the turn buckles can been affixed with screws. This works best with pink shoe laces, though I understand red-yellow-green shoe laces work equally well.

7. Once the turnbuckle side of the brace is set, it can affixed to the top of the end panels. Now the end panel can be adjusted in (and out) of 'plum.'

8. That entire process is repeated on the other side. Now you can see where 'wall I' (or 'wall-eye', or walleye) is located. Windows are on either side--and as an aside, it is the window opening that must be precise. The wall can be any size. This one is roughly 116 inches.
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