Monday, September 17, 2007

Ba De Ya

This concludes the brick mould installation on the second storey windows. The lady is not as good on the scaffold as the man, not at all.

Tomorrow we'll rent another scaffold to run planks across the peak of the first story and finally install the eastside soffits.
I am so sick of looking at OSB and tar paper.
Don't tell anyone but we painted the inside of the window frame to match the stained fir trim. Can you tell?
Monsieur wants to leave the south window frame red, that is his whimsy. Uh, don't forget to pry those twobefours off the siding!

Check out the peephole, good for security and unexpected optical fun.

In the morning, the sun shines through it and makes a fun halo on the wall.
If you click on the photo you'll see why we didn't put a glass door here to take advantage of the light. Not much of a view, but the sun is nice in the spring and fall. Now I want to lard the door with peepholes!
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