Friday, June 30, 2006

friday the 30th of June, day 43

Friday the 30th--the day before Alec Setten marries Mrs. Alec Setten and the day before Canada Day. Today was a short day so as to really stretch out the long weekend.

We did get wall B stripped, however. Though it looks the same color as wall C, it should lighten considerably.

Here is a picture of wall B from the front. Near the top towards the middle right you can see a "box" for a wall sconce, and below it a "box" for a switch. Down at the very bottom, in an area that will eventually be obscured by the bathroom vanity, we conducted a test wherein we put a flat piece of granite.

It seemed to work, and so will put some marble that we salvaged from this place and that in the living room as a kind of "baseboard." Even if the rammed earth doesn't hold it (the granite wasn't chamfered in any meaningful way) I imagine it will be easy enough to affix using some miracle product or another.

In other news, we put in a chamfer at the outside base of the wall. The past few walls met the foundation like so:

With this new chamfer the wall/foundation get together is a little more slick--even if it does expose the tar everyone hates.

The next few blog entries promise to be some pretty thin gruel, as there is a great deal of sleep to be done.
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