Thursday, June 29, 2006

thursday the 42nd day of June.

Wall B is rammed. It will protect us from the sun. The ramming went well. The ramming part was done by 4:30pm. Not 10:15 pm, but 4:30 pm. That was a good thing, and G-d willing, the way it shall be forevermore. Slow and steady really does win the race. Working smart beats working hard.

Speaking of walls, here is another look at wall E

And speaking of walls, here's three in a row.

In other news, the compressor got a "water separator." For it to really work, the water separator needs to be a distance of ten feet (via a hose) from the compressor--that way the water has a chance to condence, thus allowing the water separator to do its job. Jim explained it all to us. The next accesory is an "oiler." That introduces a bit of oil to the air stream, thus keeping the tampers lubricated. Who knew?

Roland insisted that this photo be shared with our viewership. The state of the stakes after tangling with our ultra compressed pad.

Tomorrow, we strip the form on wall B. The day after, we celebrate Canada, and the wedding of Alec Setten and Mrs. Alec Setten. Mabruk!
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