Friday, June 23, 2006

special out of sequence wall photo blog #1

Thumbs up! Wall "C" revealed!

17,010 pounds! (Which is to say, we shoveled 17,010 lbs of material by hand--your hand would look funny too.)

Here's a close look:

These photos were taken (somewhat) early in the morning. You are seeing eastern morning light hitting the wall. The long face is 11 feet and the short one is 2 feet 6 inches.

Here you can see the colors against the hills.

Mind you, the wall will lighten to approximately what you see on the form ply to the right.

A stain appeared on one of the chamfers . More exciting than that is the bright blue sky in the background. Look at that! That is what the sky should look like!

We were in a rush to start ramming "wall G" so we didn't take a lot of portrait like pictures--just some evidence to prove the baby lived. There will be more "portrait" like photos of the wall tomorrow.

p.s. (I think) you can click on the photos and make them larger.
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