Thursday, July 20, 2006

thursday the 20th's set by step break down part 3

9. Once the braces are put at the top, more braces are affixed enabling fine tuning in the other direction (forward and back as opposed to left and right)

10. As you can see in the above picture, the turnbuckle side of the braces are sitting on the ground; there is no nice concrete into which that by now familiar 'piece of wood' can be set. Here is where we drive 'sidewalk pins' into the near record compacted earth on the inside of the footing. Dedicated readers of this blog might remember the post with the bent sidewalk pins. Anyone out there ever bent a sidewalk pin?

11. Once the braces are all set and 'tweaked' into position, it's time to put up a course of formply. The formply sits on its own shelf on the footing. The footing is for the most part level, and so putting the form ply right on the footing usually yields a level reading.

12. Because this wall is longer than 8', we needed to connect two sheets of formply to span the distance. We connected the two using a 'spline' that fits into a pre-routed channel. Unfortunately that aspect of the building process was not lovingly documented today. Pictures showing splines and how, with them, form-ply is connected are forth coming.
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